Teaching IR #3: Should the lecture stay?

Some thoughts about whether the oldest pedagogical trick ought to stay or be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Today, the lecture faces a lot of criticism, especially from education reformists. In this post, I do not aim to address all criticism exhaustively. Instead, I focus on one piece of representative criticism, namely the argument that the lecture is “passive” and thus, should be replaced with more “active” pedagogy.

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Teaching IR #1: The Discussion Panel

This is a series which I set up to discuss teaching methods which I have employed in class. In this post, I cover the discussion panel method of student-centered learning.

The Discussion Panel is basically a watered-down version of what goes on at an academic conference. When academics enter a conference, they usually bring with them a paper which they present in front of an audience of their peers. At the same time, they sit on a panel with other academics working within the boundaries of the panel’s theme. So, I thought to carry this over into a classroom setting. With some minor modifications, of course.

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