Le’ Notes #29: Networks and social groups in radicalisation

This post discusses the role of networks and social groups in the radicalisation process.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend a screening of Noor Huda Ismail’s latest documentary, Jihad Selfie. He documented the life of 17-year old Aceh boy, Akbar, who got a scholarship to study in Turkey and was inspired to join ISIS, highlighting the role of the internet and social media in expediting the recruitment process. It did open my eyes to the infinite potential of social networks as a pathway towards radicalisation.

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THOUGHTS AND COFFEE #2: A volatile brew of politics and hardline Islam in Indonesia

The year is 2030, fourteen years after the united uprising of the White Cloaks in Indonesia. Trade with the outside world has stifled. The air is polluted with the continuous raucous calls to prayer. Children and adults travel the streets in constant fear. Women have it the hardest; they have to cover themselves from head to toe in black garb. Any women found not wearing the obligatory black garb, be they of other religious affinity, shall be punished by stoning. Any form of expression that contradicts the values of the White Cloaks is punished by death. Apostasy and atheism are both met with the cold, hard end of a steel cudgel.

Does that sound dystopian enough for you? It might not be fiction for long.

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