Ivory Tower Writing #24: Getting organised, part 2 – project organisation

One of the biggest problems with academics is that they can never say “no” when a new opportunity for research comes. Then, all of a sudden, there’s seven projects—two journal articles, two book chapters, two op-eds, and one conference paper—due next month.

Hopefully that scenario is fictional. But, in this part, I want to focus on project management, which is less about managing individual drafts and more about planning for the bigger picture. These are some of the processes and methods I follow to manage my workload (which never seems to go away).

Like the previous post, I will be mentioning third-party software (mostly Notion) which I am not getting paid to promote. That being said, you can always find alternatives that work for you.

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Ivory Tower Writing #23: Getting organized, part 1 – database and draft organization

While nobody likes to talk about their work process, especially writers, getting organized is perhaps one of the more underrated things that a writer (especially academics) has to do when starting or doing a writing project. For me, that means organizing my literature (books, journals, and even expert commentary), drafts (from rough drafts to pre-prints), and other stuff such as my notes, pictures, or graphs. Every now and then, I would sometimes have to stop writing halfway just to look up a reference. This constant moving back and forth from article to draft and vice-versa is tedious, although in my case, it helps me think better.

Surely, not all of my recommendations here might work for you. Since writing is a personal process, you should spend some time trying to find your own workflow. My advice here is mostly directed towards undergraduates, who often have to juggle different essays for different courses. In this post, I’ll show you how to organize your literature and drafts.

A quick disclaimer: throughout the post, you will see references to third-party software. I don’t get paid to advertise the software you see. I used them, in my personal capacity, and what you’re reading are my honest opinions of the software.

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