THOUGHTS AND COFFEE #3: Uphill battle for Indonesia’s defense modernization

This article was originally published inĀ The Jakarta Post, 1 November 2016.

The more expert analyses I read on the issue of naval and defense modernization in Indonesia, the more I realize that there are many challenges ahead. Though Jokowi does have a grand maritime vision for the country, there are a lot of challenges ahead before Indonesia can become a global maritime fulcrum in Southeast Asia.

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Le’ Notes #14: Defence White Papers

This post provides a brief summary of what a defence white paper is and how it is constructed.

How do governments communicate their defence interests to others, especially their people and other international actors? While a press released would be the most cost-effective way, it’s kinda hard to cover a lot of ground in five minutes. The most comprehensive way to do so is by publishing a Defence White Paper (DWP) that is accessible to anyone. The DWP supposedly provides information about the many security and defence issues the country is either involved in, interested in, or is simply concerned with.

So, what exactly is a DWP and how is it made?

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